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this is strange


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So foreverhartsdown is no more.Wheres all the guys gone.This is going to take some adjusting.Getting round the site and all.Be nice to know Im not the only one from margate on here.Why isnt my name being shown instead of my non-de-plume for the fleet forum?

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Have adjusted the link from Forever Hartsdown to direct to here. If you have come straight from there and pressed 'forum' that's why you have probably ended up here! Well it's the right place anyway.


Tony (Cookie), you registered 'Cookie' on the NonLeague forum community when you registered on the Gravesend forum. So that nickname is with you with this one as well as it is all part of the same community.

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cookie said:
Why isnt my name being shown instead of my non-de-plume for the fleet forum?

You can request a change of user name anytime you want to Cookie, Just head for "My Home" at the top of the screen.
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Thanks david but had no luck as some other has my name so will have to stick with cookie.Still everyone should know now that tony and cookie are the same from now on.Sorry to be a little slow as am still a bit new to computers.Thanks for your help.Shall let it be. [color:"blue"] [/color]

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<img src="/images/graemlins/boxing.gif" alt="" />


Stone the crows what the hell happened?


Is this the final resting place for Margate Supporters or is this a continuing caravan pykie website as if I have to login fresh again i'm gonna cry. By the way my old user name didn't work so i've had to register again.


Well who's on here, is it the usual suspects or have they gone elsewhere? Porka's here, Veany, Kirby but can't see many more. Is Bodyform using this site do ya know & what about Steve W?


Anyone also know if there was an answer to the Billy Edwards Topic I posted last week as been busy as hell since.


Anyway, Thanks Porka for all ya did & lets see what happens here then.


Up The BlueBoys!!! [color:"blue"] [/color]

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Didnt realise the old forum was still going and I see that posts have been made today 9 may so is this because people dont know about the new site or can we/are we all using the old and the new. Thought the old site would have gone as stated previously by IAN. Do we still use that old un' as well if we want to?

Would it not be better if we had just the one forum going to avoid confusion and avoid missing out on information that may be passed on from the other forum.

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