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Colin, Germany

New Poll Tax

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Not exactly what I said Colin.


To repeat, ID cards in themselves will have little or no effecrt on crime, terrorism or illegal immigration. The card will be forged or "acquired" in the same way as existing ID systrems are obtained.


We all have a myriad of ID numbers for all the various agencies with which we have to deal at present. To believe that that you maintain some kind of personal privacy or anonymity simply because we don't carry one card is self-delusion in the extreme. I suugest that an ID card an a single personal reference number for ALL agencies would be more convenient for all concerned, and make the transfer of data much easier: thus perhaps assisting in crime prevention etc in some small way.


Clearly one doesn't usually carry all the various licences and cards etc around all the time. But yes, one ID would be more conveneint and enable cross checking much quicker.


Those evil politicians and civil servants have access to plenty of data on you already, you're kidding yourself if you don't think they have. All sorts of credit companies, market research firms, banks, etc all have extensive databases, they know your details, your spending patterns and so on. This can be a good thing - it rapisly detected the fraudulant copying of my ATM/Switch card last year.


So if ID cards are so evil, what is the real difference between an ID card and a passport? YOu may argue that a passport is not mandatory, but it effectively is compulsory, unless you never wish to the shores of old ASlbion. You even need one to open a bank account!

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The Privacy International report confirms that the views of the general public are similar to the views expressed on this thread in some respects:

A majority, 61%, is in favour of compulsory ID cards.

People do not want to pay for them, only 20% in favour.

Of the minority against them, 12% feel strongly about the issue.


It was interesting to see that fewer people supported the legal obligation to inform the ID Card Authority of any change of address. When I was in my early twenties, I changed my address rather frequently. It was always a lot of work informing everyone of my change of address. If all our bank accounts and loyalty cards etc. are stored under one number, it will be a lot less work. However, this is insufficient benefit from the card.


Will it be possible to dispense with official names in the future? Why should we need them if we have the same personal number for everything. We are used to inventing names for ourselves for eBay and the various forums and chatrooms we visit, and artists have always chosen names for themselves for marketing purposes. So we won't really need an official name.

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