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The Lyrical Tarantula


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It's June 22nd and I'm sure you're all aware that today is ST.ALBANS DAY!!!!!!

St.Albans was England first christian Martyr (EFM..ho, ho) and is by far a better patron saint for this great nation than St.George (who was from Palestine and is the patron saint for about 500 countries)

Many people (not just the ones lucky enough to live in the great ciy) have been campaining for a few years for St.Alban to be reaconised as our patron saint and for it to be a public holiday!



***Imagine if it was a public holiday, we could of been getting hammered last night and not worrying about work***


I know many will feel insuperior because their town/city doesn't have a day like this, but you may share in our festivities ... thank you!


HAPPY ST.ALBANS DAY xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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