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Blind Bigot

Now let me see..................

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Looking down the fixtures for 2004/5 the first impressions for a Northern Fleet/Terrier is:


23 October - Halifax Away. Terriers are at home to Wimbledon so it'll have to be the McApline for me!


4 December - Scarborough Away. FA Cup 1st round so that's a 'maybe'.


8 January - Leigh Away. Terriers are at home to Torquay, not the most attractive fixture but I'll have to be there.


12 February - Carlisle Away. Terriers are at Milton Keynes (Wimbledon). Now a trip up the Settle to Carlisle railway line sounds very appealing. That coupled with the request from real Wimbledon supporters for us to boycott that game.


25 March - Norwich Victoria. Terriers at Hartlepool. Now depending of the state of play league table wise a visit over to Cheshire looks promising.


2 April - York. Terriers are at Peterborough and given that York is a 40minute car ride from my gaff I reckon a visit to Bootham Crescent a very strong possiblity.


Of course I'd love to make a pilgrimage to Stonebridge Road in the course of the season.


Speaking of which I'm in London Docklands area for a few days so I may sneak over there sometime this coming week. Will anyone be there?


All the very best!


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