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The play offs

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So you can all plan your holidays etc. The conference have just announced the play off dates

conference guide - news

- news index for july 2004
> thursday 8th july 2004 sky drops york/hereford game

saturday 10th july 2004

play-off final dates

The dates of the various end-of-season play-offs for 2004/5 are now known.

In each of the three divisions of the Conference, the teams finishing 2nd to 5th will meet in play-offs. The semi-finals will be two legs, with the first legs being 5th v 2nd, and 4th v 3rd. The second legs will then be 2nd v 5th and 3rd v 4th.

The winners of the semi-finals meet in single-leg finals.

The winners of the 'national' final win promotion to the football league.

The winners of the 'north' play-offs meet the winners of the 'south' play-offs in a 'promotion final' match. The winners of that game win promotion to the National division of the Conference.

The dates are as follows:

Monday 2nd May 2005: Semi-final 1st legs

Thursday 5th May 2005: Semi-final 2nd legs

Saturday/Sunday 14th or 15th May 2005: Play-off finals for National, North, South

Friday-Sunday 20th to 22nd May 2005: Promotion final (north winner v south winner)

Note that the FA Trophy final is on the 22nd May. The FA Cup final is on the 21st.

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Coincidentally, the proposed forward planner for next year arrived on my desk at work this morning. Have used what little influence I have to put an absolute embargo on any important meetings being arranged for 5th May.

Over-confident? Moi? If I was I'd have assumed we will be finishing 2nd or 3rd and therefore at home, so I'd only worry about making provision against the 9 or 10 evening meetings foisted upon us.


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