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Burnham Lad

Whistle Blower sacked

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Ironic isn't it? The government that gave us the legislation to protect whistle blowers has just sacked the man who blew the whistle on the Asylum Seeker scandal for "embarrassing Ministers."


Back to my definitions in the Downing Street Dictionary:


WHISTLE BLOWER - Somebody who publicly lets us know about something we can use to embarrass the opposition and we protect them by the law.


TRAITOR - A whistle blower who publicly lets out something we did not want the public to know and although protected by the law, we make sure they get stuffed anyway....


As Corporal Jones once so wisely remarked - "It's the cold steel, Captain Mainwaring,they don't like it up'em!"


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.....and I opened this thread thinking Young Urchin Boy had been booted out the Essex Refs. Association !


Ar well -- Yer can't win 'em all !!

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