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Wobbly Wayne rides again

Chief Executive Says

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Bugger all thats relevant to me in his programme notes


Its a fortnightly address to the Fleet faithful, and we get a drivel about old scousers and a virtually defunct team, killed by a franchise that moved a club to a part of the country they were 1) not wanted by the locals and B) not accepted by their own supporters. ( Chairman , CEO and Scally hope you are taking notes at this stage.)


I don't normally criticise actions of the clubs officials as by and large we get things right more times that we get it wrong. But Mr Aitken gets enough stick as people wonder about what role he does. But when he gets a chance to let us know what going on behind the scenes, crowd increasing initiatives and latest Gills plans. He fails miserably, and it does start to make you think.



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I agree WW, his role and what exactly it is he does is questioned time and time again on here and at matches. His page in the programme should give us a run down or idea of what he fills his days with and stories of jollies with his "comedy" Crazy Gang mates are about as appealing as watching Dirtford play.

The cynical amongst us might say that it's because he does nothing then he can't write about anything.

Maybe he is too busy telling people that lost season tickets can't be replaced.

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Wobbs, you have stolen my thunder!!! I was going to post on exactly the same topic. Nobody cares about old boys reunions of a dead and buried 70's team.

Let us get more current and extol the virtues of the present set up.

There seemed to be a lot of name dropping at these freebies and junkets, as there are in Mr Aitkens program notes.

I would not mind betting the names "Gillingham & Scally" featured a lot more from Mr Aitken's lips than Gravesend.

I would dearly LOVE to be proved wrong; but I do feel there is a hidden agenda between Mr A & Mr S.

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