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Ricay bigger than Livingstone

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Although it doesn't seem quite right us moving to Basildon I am warming to the idea.

Basildon is a town of well over 100000 inhabitants compared to about 35-40000 in Billericay. Wickford has another 30000 not to mention places like Brentwood. So when we move to Bas. we will have a massive fan base much like Livingstone FC in Scotland, also based in a "new town." In fact when Bas was built it was billed as "city of the future."

I think people from Billericay will still come down to Bas, especially if we provide transport and play in a fantastic new stadium with good facilities and access.

Keeping New Lodge is a brilliant idea for keeping a part of BTFC in Billericay but can any one tell me what will actually be at New Lodge when it's developed? Will the existing pitch be built on? What facilities will there be at new Lodge?

And another question, is the new ground 100% definite and will it be actually be built in Gloucester Park or just outside it?

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