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Now then Now then


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Which actor had a hit with Macarthur Park


What was the title of Mr Bloe's only hit


Who reached number 3 With Jungle Rock in 1957


On which thoroughfare could The Maisonettes be found in 1982




Who sang about Something old Something New in 1971


A Way of Life was a hit for which band in 1969


Which song by Honeybus went on to be used in TV adverts and Nimble bread


Who was Gonna make you an offer you cant refuse in 1973


which Americian artist recorded The Clapping Song


Yannis Markopoulos had a hit in 1977 with which BBC SERIES

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Can't resist these:

Richard Harris, Groovin' With Mr Bloe, Hank Mizell, Heartache Avenue, Fatty Bum Bum, The Fantastics, The Family Dogg, I Can't Let Maggie Go, Jimmy Helms, Shirley Ellis, Who Pays the Ferryman


I really should get out more, I know

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Go on,Go on,Go on.

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Who reached number one in 1999 with Lift me up


Which Irish singer had a hit in 1969 with goodnight midnight


Who wore a clown outfit when he sang his first hit.


Which Boz was lowdown in 1976


Where did john miles, who had a hit with Music was born


What 60's singer married jeff banks the fashion designer


Which x eastenders had a hit with sweetness in 1994


Who said move on up in 1971


For which tv talent show did engelbert humperdinck fail an audition

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# 8 curtis Mayfield


# 2 clodagh rodgers

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sorry, chap !


Never been into "popular music"


My tastes have always been firmly ensconced in the deepest reaches of "alternative" &/or "indie" !


Generally, if a song is popular enough to reach the top 50, then it will probably not figure in the universe of my appreciation... sad, but that's how it is !



What do I like at the moment ?


Why... that would have to be "Dead Can Dance" !!!

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<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/rockon.gif" alt="" />


as most are at the games right now, here is your very own quiz my man.


Which band were formed by jeff Ament and Stone Gossard in Seattle.


Alex James ia a member of which band


Driftwood and Turn are tracks from which Ttravis album


Who released Creep in 1993


In which year did Blur release There no way out


What was the title of Oasis 1997 uk number one


Who were Waltzing Alone in 1997


<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/icon_band222.gif" alt="" />

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