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idea for thanet council and hartsdown park


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from kent online


DOVER District Council says it is making a greater commitment to the future of Dover Athletic by letting the club use the Crabble Athletic Ground rent-free.


In return, Whites have agreed to provide a range of activities working with schools and young people, such as five-a-side leagues, coaching, and out-reach work – which could help reduce anti-social behaviour.


Under the previous agreement, the council charged the club £8,000 a year in rent for the Crabble ground. The council also took £2,500, which is half the rental money from a telecommunications mast in one of the lighting pylons. In turn, the football club would be paid a grant of £6,000 a year, by the council.


Councillors have now voted to scrap paying the grant and demanding money from the rental of the mast. Instead the ground will be provided rent-free for the next three years.


A report presented to the cabinet stated that the council found it difficult in the past to establish a long-term grant scheme, because of concerns over the club’s future. The club must provide a sustainable business report to the council before August.


The council put the agreement together after considering the future and stability of the club and after receiving a letter from the chairman, Jim Parmenter, outlining their plans for the future.


Mr Parmenter took over as chairman from Mick Kemp, in December last year. Last November there were fears for the club’s future when they were hit with an unexpected VAT bill for £25,000 for food sold within the ground.

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