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Any use to any one

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Been to the ground a couple of times recently and its looking a little tired around the edges ....


From another site .... It’s that time of year again when the ground is in need of a good tidy up ahead of the new season.


You may remember the massive effort of last year when many supporters took part in various tasks to ensure that the ground looked its best in time for pre-season.


This year is no different, and two weekends later this month have been allocated for supporters to come along and help out. These will be on Saturday 18th and Saturday 25th June from mid-morning onwards. Various tasks are once again needed to be done so please come along armed with paint brushes, rollers, and anything else you may think is suitable to help out.


On the second Saturday (25 June), we aim to make a day of it and have a social evening for all Supporters who helped out and go for drinks and possibly a curry afterwards.


Please note that any supporters can come a long at any time during the summer, it doesn’t have to be these two days. The club is crying out for more volunteers to do things so if you have any spare time, then feel free to come along and give a helping hand!


Any plans for the park <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

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Not offering help at all, just showing that others have the same problems and their ideas of how to get round it. I have given my help many times but been knocked back once to often to come forward again.


I'll just watch like most others .....how about taking this on yourself Nos ?? I believe you are in a good position to advertise for help. Perhaps its time for you to come forward and do something for the club.


This has been done a few times before and I remember donating all the doors to the outside buildings one time but as I said it is looking a little tired just now and if others can rally the troops to help by this method perhaps its worth a go.


Steve is busy with the pitch at this time of year for your information.

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Well from what I was told by the supporters club is that he is in charge, but goes on holiday on the 16th I think. I for one shall be helping out, so if I can travel there, I dont see why nobody else can? Do you want to help the club?

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Why would we worry about the ground when we are moving to our brand spanking new out of town $tadium sometime in the next .... erm!

Maybe we should give this one a bit of a lick of paint though.

I'm sure your help will be appreciated MAD but we need somebody to suggest that help is needed. Maybe we've got it all wrong and Lord Lippy, Gibbo, Eamsie, Lee Clarke and co are all donning the paint brushes on Saturdays in June.

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