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2005/2006 Season Tickets

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Went down to the ground and renewed my season ticket today, and I'm very disappointed.


With less than six weeks to the start of the pre-season friendlies, season tickets sales are poor to say the least. There were a few piles of envelopes containing season tickets ready to be posted, but to hear that sales appear to be down on last year is very disappointing.


All I can say is beg, borrow or steal the money, and get your @rses down to Stonebridge Road and purchase your 2005/2006 Season Tickets now, ready for the best season that Gravesend and Northfleet Football Club has known to date.


Remember, the more season tickets sold means more money in the clubs coffers. More money in the clubs coffers means more money to spend on quality players. Better quality players means the possibility of, the play-offs or even the Championship. An FA Trophy win and getting through to the 3rd Round and drawing a Premiership side in the FA Cup.


Break open those piggy banks, do that little bit of extra overtime, get yourself a part-time job or a paper round. Save up your pennies and get your season tickets NOW!!

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I suppose the £2-per-game price increase, roughly reflected in the cost of the season ticket, may have something to do with it.


Don't worry though - I've ordered mine.

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And possibly the dour end to the season and lack of significant BIG name signings. The dour end to season was unavoidable but i suppose you still get people wanting to see full on thriller's, these people will probably not have been inspired to buy a season ticket.


I think ever since Liam took over a few people have not given hi any chance at all which is a shame having just gone full time. 10 straight wins will have the crowds up to 1700 again and thats what the players will have to produce. EASY!!??

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Sadly, due to parental access days I cannot commit to buying a season ticket this term which pains me greatly. In the end, I'll probably end up making it to most home games but I can't justify spending £180 on the off-chance. Now if the club were to take a leaf out of Stevenage's book and sell 'floating tickets' or whatever they're called covering 3,6 or however many games without being tied to a particular match then I'd be right up for it.

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I haven't heard of the type of season ticket that you have mentioned before, but it sounds like a great idea. A kind of flexible mini season ticket. If I recall correctly, the club did introduce an end of season offer for the remaining approx 8 or so games last season, so something like the Stevenage system may not be totally alien. I suppose it depends on how much the club thinks it might make from potentially interested supporters as opposed to those who will come and pay £12 to get in anyway.

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