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Billericay Town "Cult Hero"?

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Been around for about eight years and from my time I would choose Colin Simpson aka Simmo....Perhaps not the most talented we've ever had but you knew he meant it...surely the epitome of "cult" or something like that....

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Hard to say - Dave Root is up there purely for his cheek in joining the conga on the last day win over Thame to secure promotion!


Other than that Mooro (pele) was a legend, in the current squad i'd go for pat (paaaaaaaaaat) and henty (for his long service - something of a novelty these days)


Joe Baker will always surely be held in the highest esteem - so difficult to choose just one player!

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Steve Jones...you always felt as so Billericay would score at least once when he was playing


Leon Gutzmore...always good for a goal or two and had that one special 51 goal season..


Marky Barry...hardcase..headcase..nutcase..who could play a bit as well..


Dave Roser...clever player who was BTFC through and through..


All good stuff but for me it comes down to a tie between Mark Kuene and Mark Jenkins...


Kueue loved the club and its supporters and many a kareoke away day was started by Kuey singing Runaround Sue...


Jenko was blood, sweat and beers. Who that were there will ever forget that moment away at Tooting & Mitcham when he took the referee out two footed from behind shortly after he had not been given a penalty?!!

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As all the other names have been mentioned I will go for something a little field I always felt that Steve Jones (not the Steve Jones other Steve Jones 03/ 04 season) had a certain status in mind anyway as he gave 110% despite lacking ability compared to other players and was prepared to get stuck in and fight for the cause such as away a St Albans we he scored got a head injuring colliding with the post/oppo centre back and eventually was subbed off ten minutes. Then of course there was that goal against Canvey

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Thought you meant the other other Steve Jones for a minute there, the one who was before both the Steve Jones and the other Steve Jones 03/04, similar sort of player and stature to the other Steve Jones 03/04, the other other Steve Jones would have played around 82-85 era I guess. And I worked with his mum for a while...

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