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Our Next Leader

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Here is the betting from bet365.com


D Davis 5/6 Bet

D Cameron 6/1 Bet

M Rifkind 7/1 Bet

K Clarke 9/1 Bet

W Hague 10/1 Bet

L Fox 12/1 Bet

A Lansley 14/1 Bet

T Yeo 16/1 Bet

G Osborne 25/1 Bet

O Letwin 20/1 Bet

A Duncan 22/1 Bet

T May 50/1 Bet

D Willetts 33/1 Bet

J Bercow 50/1 Bet

J Redwood 66/1 Bet

C Spelman 66/1 Bet

B Jenkin 80/1 Bet

D MacLean 100/1 Bet

E Vaizey 100/1 Bet

A Norman 100/1 Bet

F Maude 100/1 Bet

A Widdicombe 100/1 Bet

B Johnson 100/1 Bet

I Duncan Smith 150/1 Bet


Others On Request



Shame Boris is only a 100/1 shot. Wouldn't mind seeing the 10/1 get in actually. A tremendous politician.

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clarke is the man but he is a euro gimp..

i dont think anyone has seen enough of davis yet to see how he will do in the full glare of the top job..

hague may come again but not now, though he could sneak in for the next election, good each way bet..

wheres thatcher?

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