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Page 43 main article.


Very lucky for you lot that Fleet Loyal isn't around because he would have had a field day with this one, and I would have been inclied to agree. Didn't agree with everything he said on this forum, but I'd probably agree with any comments he would have made regarding this incident.


Not going to comment because the article has made my blood boil that much but all I will say is that if the incident were the other way round then it would have been front page news for the next few months, with countless investigations and enquires into the incident.

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KShep said:
What did it contain?


A vicious thug battered an innocent soccer fan to death because he was proudly wearing an England shirt. Danny O'Connor 23 was smashe to the the ground after standing up to a gang of yobs who stalked him in the street, yelling racist abuse.

The white shirted fan was branded "white trash" and "scum" by killer Dalu Miah, who was sentenced to just three years in jail for manslaughter.

Danny fell into a coma after the attack and died just weeks after proposing to girlfriend Susannah, also 23.

Last night his distraught fiance said, "This mindlessness has to stop. I believe in a life for a life. I don't think three years is nearly long enough". Care worker Susannah of Islington North London said Danny's death left her so depressed she tried to kill herself THREE times, once by throwing herself under a bus.

She admitted, "I've also cut my wrists and tried to overdose. I couldn't bear to lose Danny". He was attacked a year ago in Ipswich, Suffolk as he walked near his parents home with sister Emma 26 after a night out in town. A car containing Miah and a gang of cronies followed them. Miah shoted "white trash" at Danny and they started arguing and a scuffle broke out but it didn't end there.

"Danny and Emma were walking away", said Susannah. "Miah followed Danny, grabbed him and punched him so hard he hit his head on the ground, it was a massive impact".

Danny was rushed to hopsital for surgery on a blood clot to the brain. But he died after nine days in a coma. As his family and Susannah kept vigil at his bedside, calous Miah denied the attack.

But police gathered enough evidence and at Ipswich Crown Court he pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Susannah revealed how Arsenal fan Danny loved to watch football on TV and enjoyed a kickabout in the park. "When he propsed it was the happiest day of my life" she said, "We were going to marry this year. He was as far from a football thug you could get. That's what so hurtful about the way he died"
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Not a mention of this incident on the BBC News website.


I defy anyone to tell me honestly that the BBC isn't the most biased corrupt organisation going.


But then it wouldn't matter the the avegage fansfocus member would it...


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