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What is it with this mob??...

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Arsenal striker Robin van Persie is to be held for a further 14 nights while police investigate allegations of rape.

The married 21-year-old was arrested by police on Monday in the Dutch city of Rotterdam after a woman alleged he attacked her late on Saturday.


A judge granted the prosecution's request to hold the striker for two weeks. After that they can apply to hold van Persie for three more months.


He was visiting Holland with the Dutch squad for the World Cup qualifiers.


The player moved to the north London club from Dutch side Feyenoord for £2.75m last summer.


Under Dutch law, the move does not necessarily mean he will be charged.


A spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office said on Thursday: "We asked the judge for a longer custody, for 14 days, and he granted it."



I'll publish the full Arsenal/criminal record shortly.

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Think he's been hanging around with Kluivert too much!!!

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1979: Peter Story - jail for running a brothel


1980: Peter Story - jail again, this time for counterfeit gold coins


1987: Paul Vassen - Drug stuff


1989: Andy Cole - Lightfingers with wallets and stuff in the dressing room apparently


1990: Peter Story - jail again - this time for porn smuggling conviction


1990: Tony Adams - Jailed on drunk-driving charges.


1993: Andy Linaghan makes anti Semitic remarks to Jewish Taxi driver


1994: Paul Merson , probably for a bet or when he was pissed, was sent to drug addiction clinic


1995: Ray Parlour arrested after punch-up with Hong Kong taxi-driver on a club tour .


1995: David Hillier charged by police for credit card and luggage theft at airport.


1996:Nigel Winterburn under investigation by the FA after the police reported him to match officials for making inflammatory gestures towards rival supporters in the wheelchair section


1996. Unfounded & completely untrue rumours circulated about Arsene Wenger being a paedophile! which he most certainly is not.


1999: Graham Rix - Old Gooner instincts die hard, as he joins the rest of his former team mates inside for a spot of under age sex



2001: Monkey Keown assault charge during a game with Leeds


2002: Ticket investigation – Parlour was at the centre of an investigation as to how his complimentary tickets ended up in the hands of touts. Police were alerted by the increased number of caravans within the vicinity of the stadium.


2003: Prostitute Pennant – Step mum of young goon is a £60 hooker according to the People newspaper


2003: Sex offender Goon – Goon youth team player Marcus Artry jailed for 9 years for sex attacks, inc on minors


2004: Graham Stack on Rape charge – Another Goon in trouble with the old bill


2005: Pennant banged up – More goons in trouble, this time Jermaine Pennant is locked up for three months for the age old Scumbury tradition of drink driving & crashing motors

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Ian Wright muszt have done something criminal. He's hardly whiter than white!!!

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Didn't George Graham get sacked for taking the odd little back hander?

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And yet Arsenal are still the best team ever.


Strange that.


But not so strange when you consider Spurs at their 'height' were destroyed by their manager's nocturnal wanderings:


David Pleat curb crawling in Kings Cross whilst manager of the Crumbling totspurs.


End of story.


See you in Europe.





Won't see you in Europe.

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