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nothing that interesting been on here recently so come on lets have some views of who we want first game of season! ... home or away! ... and why you want that particular team?

last year it was Carlisle and only about 90 plus made the trip so maybe this season someone a lot closer, ... my choice would be Crawley, not far down the road and perhaps we could get 300 or so there and make it a bloody good day, few beers, ... sorry a lot of beers and bang this new drum for the whole game, go thru' all the usual chants and songs and get home with 3 points at a reasonable hour to have a few more hopefully celebratory beers.

Come on, ... lets here your preferences.

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if we have a home game first, yeah thats ok as probably a pretty good crowd whoever we play but that means our first away game will then be on the tuesday and that automatically knocks great numbers of our travelling support. ... much prefer to get an away trip first.

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Prefer if we were away on the opening day of the season. If we're away on the Tuesday to someone like Southport or Burton there is no chance of me being able to make the game.


Wouldn't mind Cambridge away opening game.

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Exeter Away - lovely part of the country and great hearing their fans moan about how lucky we were after beating them.


Scarborough or York is a good day out as well.


Home game - not fussed as long as we do well to draw the crowds again the following week. Cambridge at home may be a good start, as I don't think they will be that good, its not as far as some and should draw some of their supporters down as it's their first game.

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