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football manager 2005 hints.

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here some good players that i have found to be good, ive won the treble with southamton lol.


legrottalie-world class centre back cheap as was on transfer list. piad bout 650 k for him.


karagoinis- good midfielder bought for 3 mill and has been good for 3 years, on transfer list.


prutton- already here wen i joined but has been world class for me as a defensive midfielder, in england team as well.


ifil- millwall player, paid 3 mill for him now worth 8 and been a consistant player scoring 10 goals a season.


adu- must buy 15 year old from dc united worth 9 now and hes still only 17.


kompany- anderlect player now worth 9 mill after 2 years


wieghorst- old, cheap and consistant


beattie- was gonna sell him for 5 mill when i first took over, glad didnt as now worth 19 mill.


van der meyde- payed 5 mill for him as he was on transfer list now worth 13 mill.


dagoberto- not sure who he plays for as everton bought him for 5 mill scores loadsa goals and now worth 26 mill.


some good youngsters

fransis smith- liverpool

craig richards- southamton

graham owens- not sure

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The problem is, players play different every new game. There was one gmae where I took Spurs to the title and lost in the champions league, where I had Defoe scoring loadz of goals. Where as I started a new game and I signed Defoe from Liverpool, and only scored 6.


Get in quick for Robinhio as I signed him from ipswich and was the 'nads'. I would tell you my team, as a vast majority of players were cheap and we won the tittle. The only problem at the moment is that i cant find me [****!!****] disc!!!!

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If you can't find your disc then I suggest you find a patch which enable you to boot the game without it.


Edixon Perea (Colombian) has been pretty handy for me since I was given the Villa job. Anthony Vanden Borre and Hatem Ben Arfa turn into world beaters.

Also look out for Martin Retov who is a Dane. I picked him up on a free and was electric in the Championship

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Lebohang Mokoena - great south africa forward.

Owen Hargreaves - listed on my game and costed £800k, not amazing but his versatility is very useful

Mintal - Costs a fair bit but will bang em away for you.

Salihamidzic - Costed me £3m, and is a world beater.

Scott Parker - Cheap and scores a lot, also is good as can play the holding role or as an attacking mid effectively

Gasbarroni - Quite cheap, scores and makes a lot of goals.

Bought these in my first season with Newcaslte and despite a large injury crisis I'm on course to win the quadruple (UEFA, FA, Carling and League)

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Aye, the Milan under 19 team is full of great youngsters, in particular, Bottini, Abbiati, Villani are future stars. Also, Mosqhuera (sp?) from River Plate is a top young striker. Cheap but good defenders are hard to come by, Sagnol and Salihamidzic often go for cheap from Bayern and are both top right backs. Pander from Schalke is an amazing left back, as is Roger from Villareal.

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