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good start is important


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Lets hope the team can make a good start to the season. The previous two seasons have seen a poor beginning to the season with the result that we are always trying to catch up. Last season we lost our opening games to poor sides, we were worse. We didnt play as a cohesive team and players were not fully match fit. Points at the beginning of the season are just as important as points at the close of the season. A well prepared team is needed before the beginning of the season proper.

We want the team to be successful.

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[color:"blue"]Early last season was a disaster, when we played our first PSF we didn't have a 'keeper or central half, to be honest we went to Southwood without a clue who was going to play in a blue shirt. Then had a twelve day period to the next game to fill in a few of the blanks.

As for this season, what I am worried about is that we are playing all the PSF games away again, this means we're the higher positioned team in the match, which means we won't be stretched by a higher placed team (though I'm sure the Derbies with Dover and Ramsgate will add a little intensity to those games), so it won't be until we play some of the 'bookies favourites' in the League (AFC Wimb./Braintree/Billericay etc) that we'll know if our lads have the bottle or mettle to compete (much like not knowing our probable fate in Conf.South until we met Grays on that Tuesday night).

Let's hope Chris has the budget to get the right players for the job.

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No matter how much goodwill the club as,unless the people are die hards they are in general quite fical. The team needs to hit the blocks running or else people will come, look and not return. Has i have said before the pressure is know on CK to deliver. onwards and upwards.

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Totally agree, Blueblood, we need to get good results for our first few home matches to build and cement support. It is not us we have to worry about, as we know we will go to matches whatever, but we need a momentum in our performances to attract new fans.

Let's hope that lessons have been learnt from last season, and we can hit the ground running right from the start.

Onwards and upwards, as we all seem to be saying!

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Sorry, but what's a PSF game ?. Also how do you get derbies against Dover and Ramsgate as they are in a different league. You should be much more interested in your games against Folkestone as they are rivals in the RPL.

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