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Vieira gone...

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Kanoute has said this morning that he wants to stay, apparently.


I'd like Keane to stay. People moan about his lack of goals, but I reckon that's bollox. He scored about 17 last season, I think.


Someone put a goals/game ratio on the Spurs message board, and only Henry, Defoe and Van Nistelrooy had a better average last season, if they got their stats right.


Everyone goes on about us needing a 25-goal a season striker, but in all seriousness, when was the last time we had one of those? Klinsmann, maybe? Certainly not Iverson, or Rebrov, or Armstrong etc.


Then again, there's still rumours that Defoe is leaving. If that's the case, even if it was in January, then we'd be mad to off-load Keane as well.

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That Pompey performance was something special - Steve and I were both at that game.


Yeah, Keane and Defoe would be my first choice too, but it's been said on many an occasion that they're too similar and can't play in the same side.


I reckon it's worth persevering, to be honest.


And I hate the rotation system too, while we're (not) on the subject.


We used 22 players in 1986/87, played 55 games, finished third in the league, runners-up in the FA Cup and semi-finalists in the League Cup.


Now, I know football has changed in 20 years, but I reckon a settled first XI is the key still, y'know.

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I think we need a 'big man up front' Mido, Kanoute or someone else needs to step in to this role, what's the point in investing in good wingers, when there's no one in the middle who can get a head on the cross?


Or am I being too simplistic here?

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