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Hulll City


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Thought we played really well tonight against a full strength Hull side.


Hull scored through Barmby and Scott Wiseman whilst we grabbed a goal through a rare effort from Dominic Sterling who scrambled home from a corner.


There really wasn't alot between the teams and only better finishing provided Hull with the win.


Thought Sedgy had an excellent game in the midfield, Jonnie Keeling was a constant threat and the defence was very solid especially Wardy.


Danny made a real howler for the first goal but alot of positives can be taken from the night and the team look very fit and raring to go for the new season.


A quick mention to our new PA man David Baker who despite some teething problems did very well tonight. I know he played the wrong version of The Final Countdown and he was bothered by the sound but otherwise did OK in his first game.


Was a rather weird experience playing the music before the game until David took over. I'm normally in the bar having a few beers. Hope the music wasn't too loud!!!!

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Glad it went well both on and off the pitch. Sitting by the phone all night waiting for the scores, and it was only a friendly !!

Off to see Southport v Shrewsbury tomorrow night, a bit of spying on both. See you all on Saturday.

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we did play well and it was quite an entertaining game. sedgemore was fantastic and doms goal was pretty good. Mario when he came on looked dangerious.


David did a very good job on the announcements, the difference a professional voice makes is amazing, but some of the worst music I have ever heard though, Im not sure there is ever an excuse for Chesney Hawks and Tiffany, was quite impressed with the Americas horse with no name though.

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The version DB played was a different mix, one that's used in clubs etc. I didn't even know there was two versions!!!

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