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Edgar Davids

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The Club is delighted to announce that we have signed Edgar Davids on a free transfer from Inter Milan. The player will undergo a medical in the next couple of days and agree personal terms.


The 32-year-old is one of the finest all-round midfielders in the world, combining well-developed technical skills with tough tackling and a will to win.


Head Coach Martin Jol commented: “He is one of the most versatile midfielders, a ball-winner with great stamina and huge charisma and one of the best midfielders to come out of Holland in the last 10 years.


“This is a player who went to Barcelona when they were middle of the league and took them close to winning the title.


“It’s terrific that he is joining us. This is the player we have spoken about who will lift the team’s mentality. We have a young squad with an average age of 23 and I believe Edgar will come in and lead by example.”


Davids has won 73 caps for Holland, representing the Dutch in four major finals and has played in four Champions League finals, tasting victory with Ajax in 1995.


He came through the famed youth system at Ajax where he made his debut aged just 18 and helped the Dutch giants to successive league titles in 1994, 1995 and 1996 and the UEFA Cup in 1992.


A move to Serie A and AC Milan followed in 1996 before switching to Juventus in December 1997.


He spent seven years at the Turin club during which he helped them to the final of the Champions League on three occasions — 1997, 1998 and 2003. He also bagged three domestic titles with Juventus in 1998, 2002 and 2003.


He moved on loan to Barcelona in 2003-04 and was credited with helping turn around the fortunes of the Nou Camp outfit as they finished second that season behind Valencia. He then moved back to Italy joining Inter Milan for the 2004-05 campaign.


Internationally, he has represented the Dutch for over 10 years including appearances in the semi-finals of the 1998 World Cup and of the European Championships of 2000 and 2004.



Only thing that worries me is that we've announced this signing, yet the player hasn't signed anything yet.


We could end up with a bit of egg on our faces again here.


Thorns - you're an expert on Dutch Football, mate. What are your thoughts about the Spurs signing Davids?

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Great signing if it's true.

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There's been a meeting? That's progress, I suppose.


My last post was referring to what I'd read around the InterWeb, just seeking confirmation. It's about time the Premiership welcomed a played who wears daylight-increasing sunglasses or whatever they are, haven't seen them since the good old days of Fash the Bash and Gary Mabbutt.

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My guess is that Jol has been in contact with Davids, and that Edgar has agreed, in principle, to joining.


I can't imagine Spurs would announce a major signing like this without even finding out if the player is interested in coming.


But it's a little worrying that personal terms haven't been sorted out yet.


Aren't they glaucoma glasses, or is there no such thing!?

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80% of the 15 games Davids started for Barca last year he never finished, you do the maths.


Result? Tired old donkey in sunglasses.


£1.5m signing on fee and £60,000 a week in wages (£3.5 mil a year) is no free transfer my fiends.


Not for a knee-knackered knocker who'll be red carded for his antics and hstrionics shoiuld he try them over here, and be suspended for weeks at a time (crucial times).


Good luck.


On Talksport today, the Totters on the phone seemed think Davids was a good signing because he would sell merchandise.


Arsenal sell a 'celebrity' red card/injury prone midfielder and Totters buy one.


There's the difference between a good club and a good grief one.


Available soon at the club shop - Davids sunglasses/goggles with a totters crest: £27,50. wear them with (no) pride you fools.

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I would imagine he has a good three seasons left in him. Whether he spends all three at Spurs remains to be seen.


I, personally, think it's a pretty good signing.


Tommy Collins' 'facts' are slightly twisted. He forgot to mention that, before Davids' arrival, Barcelona were a mid-table side, and the arrival of this dutch legend transformed them.


So he only completed 20% of matches. What does that prove?


Gazza only completed 20% of matches in the 1991 FA Cup. He scored six goals on the way and we won the competition.


Rooney only completed 20% of matches in Euro 2004. But he was a revelation.


That particular statistic is the product of someone who knows nothing about the game.


Edgar Davids may only play 60 minutes of each match next season, but if his experience and influence can make the difference between us being a mid-table side and a side pushing for the Top 5 or 6, then what does it matter??

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