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2-2 after 2 games


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Not when you consider we have 9 defenders in our own box for a vast majority of the time with just the two up front and a whacking great space in the middle of the park for opposing teams to create and play the good approaching football.

We have to be more adventurous unless people are happy with 0-0 draws.

If we moved up as a unit and back as a unit when the need arises we can still maintain that good defending record but improve the attacking record at the same time. Those that have watched the 2 home games that I have watched will know what I am talking about.This was the same problem we had last year.

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That'll do for me cookie.


CK can improve the rest of it, but letting goals in is like a disease that you can't stop once it takes hold


As someone else posted today, last season we would be heading for a nil- nil, then concede a stupid goal

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Fair enough MM,if your'e happy with that.


Personally I am not. Both the defending and attacking records CAN be improved upon and achieved even further though, I feel, in the same game.


I shall just have to have a punt on 0-0 for the rest of our games thats all.


For the Sake of keeping people coming, sometimes its not just the result but the WAY they are achieved or even lost to an extent that counts.

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You will be pleased to know that Ross Smith put in another stunning performance today. The only doubt is whether we can keep him for his entire contract. On present showings, it won't be long before the big clubs start sniffing around. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

It was also amusing listening to the Gills match on RK today how they described Sam Sodge's errrr lack of skill. Apparently he was perfect for a clogging, physical team such as Brentford. I can see now why Blackburn are interested. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

Keep up the good crowds.


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I think in our promotion year of 2001/2 we got 2 points from first 3 games and did not score a single goal until the fourth game-then got about 80 in the season.


I also recall that 'Gate played Fisher fairly early on and scored 5.


Not expecting either a 5-0 win v Fisher or indeed promotion this year , but it is an ok start just the same.

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