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Golden Gate Lottery

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The winner of the Golden Gate Lottery will now be uploaded every day to the website - so if you miss the announcement on KMFM, then check out the winners list at http://goldengatelottery.margate-fc.com/uploads/winners.htm


The Golden Gate Lottery only costs £1.00 per week and you get the chance of winning £100 per working day and £500 per month. Not only will you be helping Margate FC, but also local charities - JOIN TODAY - http://goldengatelottery.margate-fc.com

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I know I made the point earlier but I ask again. Could the club (or the various people who deal with the rounds) please go round to all shops which are involved with the Golden Gate Lottery and ensure the lists are all correct and up to date.


At my work, it appears that we have been charged for people who were supposed to have been taken off the list over 6 months ago! Not only that but when my boss called the office to sort this problem out, no one was there to pick up the phone...he tried several times and couldnt get through.


I know where I work wont kick up too much of a fuss although they are understably annoyed but Im sure there are others who might kick up an almighty fuss if it happened to them.

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James. How about you e.mailing the club with this very same post as well. It may help and may get seen,answered and acted upon.Certainly sounds like this needs sorting.This is when a "Commercial manager" comes into his own. Unfortunately we dont seem to have one at present and this should be addressed a.s.a.p.

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I know what you mean John but am sure they will they will have noted your comments. Am not sayng it was because of my e.mail to them but I did contact them as regards the Youth section and whether it was my prompt or it was that they had it in hand already,it has now been put on the main page as well as the updated players profiles,which I also asked for. I sent them that e.mail about a week or so ago so dont think that because they dont reply (I also asked for them to contact me as to them recieving my e.mail-got nothing)that they wont look into things and do something.Its highly possible that they will do, but in their own time. We must take into account the staff shortages there too, although a reply to confirm shouldnt be too much to ask.


As for the pics John they have stated that they are on sale & given the prices, should one want to purchase so maybe they did take into account your prompt too (without getting back to you).



Team Pictures

Individual player photos and youth team photos are available to buy for the cost of £3.00 for non framed and £5.00 for framed.


Please contact the office for more information by clicking here (Go to archives for the link on main site)


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Comments about not replying to emails are interesting.

Regardless of anything else it is unprofessional and bad manners.


Whilst it was sometine ago, i also had two emails not even acknowledged some time ago.


It does annoy considerably ,and must question some asupporters loyalty.It did mine quite frankly.

However ,as this seems to be an issue, you do wonder if the emails are getting through in first place.

What else are the club missing if this is the fundamental problem?


Maybe if nothing else, this basic should be checked out that emails are getting opened .

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