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Kola for Southend reserves


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View on Kola after playing for Southend reserves


Sam Kola Okikiolu (centre-back; Wimbledon)

Very loud and self-confident off of the ball, but hesitant and a total liability on it. Failed to form an effective partnership with Tom Jordan, although he did make the effort to learn everyone’s names! Made a succession of poor passes, and was not tall enough to effectively threaten at either end against taller players. Gave the appearance of being strong, but was really not good enough at all.

Chances of being asked back: Very poor

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Their loss is our undoubted gain.


I think this was posted after Burgess Hill game and could see some truth in it(especially the shouting),but after being the best player in 3 games now, think you have to say he is consistently good and a good find.


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AGree - we look pretty good at the back, and Kola has certainly played his part.

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Again, i rate Kola, and think he has been the mainstay of the defence; but have a deep seated feeling that defence has been 'flattering to deceive' ,and that we will get a wake up call very soon.


Hope i continue to be wrong.


Just feel that defence has not really been tested yet in 3 of the 4 games against poor sides who will all compete for bottom spot.Staines excepted when we did not look very good; although even there in fairness ,the defence held out reasonably when last season it would have capitulated.


Again, i so hope to be wrong , but just have this feeling that defence in general is having a bit of a 'honeymoon period '-thank godness- and it will struggle when against sides with any sort of attacking nous.


Kola is good, but to me strengthening defence remains a priority both to improve current quality and what happens when we get defensive injuries and suspensions ?


I always believe you should build from the back.


In a real emergency, Bill could play in attack ,but could Darren or Leon or Hilaire play at centre back !!I think not.


Just dont think we have enough defensive options.Hasim i guess could play in defence ,but that would be a waste of our best midfield player on current form

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