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Fleet vs Southport - LATEST


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We made a lot harder work of that than it should have been.

Slatter well deserved man of the match, fantastic energy and always a problem for them, great goal to win it.

Smith, Jacko, and Skins all looked good too. A big worry that both MacDonald and Manny went off injured hope neither are out for any length of time if Grant is still injured too they could be asking for volunteers to play up front at Scarborough.

It was good to see Jukebox back again I hope he has settled his differences with Liam. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />

10 points out of 12 isn't too shabby and I am beginning to seriously doubt earlier 'we'll be down by christmas' postings.

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As Chas said, it was a dirty win, but a win nevertheless. Well done boys, sorry I couldn't be there. Glad to see that Jukebox appears to have played really well, and it was good to hear Liam saying lots of positives (including Jukebox) about today.

By my pathetic maths, I reckon we are 6th on goal difference, or equal 3rd on points!!!

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Yeh well done lads. A deserved win. Started excellent but not quite sure what happened after we got the first goal? Went into a period of decline for some reason. Still, we came out on top in the end thanks to some hard work by the boys. Great game for Slatts.

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Poor 1st half from both teams.


Much better 2nd half from us.


Slatter shot certainly wasnt straight at keeper - an excellent firm hands save low to his right.


Slatter's header was firm but was 18 yards out and was well claimed by the keeper (possibly going wide anyway).


McCarthy had one cleared, somehow, off the line, and we had several other chances in the last 10 minutes, in particular.

I dont recall McShane having any other shot to save apart from the one they scored with.


After all the criticism Liam has received, I think he deserves a small pat on the back today - I'm not sure that Manny went off injured, and if so, it was a brave decision to pull him off and push Slatter up front.


It was also the 2 subs who combined to make the winning goal, with a superb cross from Surey after neat interplay with Drury.


Proths got caught a couple of times at right back, though, including for their goal.


McCarthy was very solid, but Slatter was, undoubtedly, correctly given our MOM - he "bossed" the second half for us and his energy was incredible.

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