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I know this has been only recently set up BUT you can't move for bloomin' icons, squiggles, boxes, footballs, dingbats etc <p>Any chance of making it amessage board, you know those lovely words of prose from our fellow supporters<p>oh and this xmas / new year malarky

have a good one,,,

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You just don't get it, do you?. Am I the only one who has spotted it? Look around you. All those smiley things. Those moving whatsnames. The "Back to St Albans 'hop'". Back to st Albans? I haven't left it.

It's just like the European Union. Independence? Sovereignty? Nationality? Forget it. This Federal state is ruled by Brussells [that's the seat of the EU and capital of Belgium, not the sprouts]

Back to this board.

It's not 'ours' at all. Webbo has sold out. This message board has absolutely nothing to do with him. He has no say it whatsoever, let alone control. He has unilaterally imposed it on us and taken the half a million pounds. This is CANVEY ISLANDS'S MESSAGE BOARD!!

It's something to do with cuff links, HLMT and that mate of his from NOTLN.

Just you wait. Censorship? When we get 103 points? It'll end in tears, you mark my words.<p>I'm so excited, I can't contain myself.<p>Happy Christmas from me to everyone on here.

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I tell you what.....get a collection together, give a couple of hundred quid and I'll buy a copy of UBB for the site....

<img src="graemlins/icon25.gif" border="0" alt="[icon25]" />

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