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Help Needed . . .

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Not Sure If This Is In The Appropriate Forum/Section As This Is A Personal Matter.


Tried Downloading Some Software Off Of A File Sharing Website The Other Day, When I Went To Install It, I Got A Message Saying The File Was Potentially Unsafe, But I Though I'd Install It Anyway ... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/doah.gif" alt="" />


After Unzipping This File, Several Documents Appear In Certain Folders, You Delete Them From Your PC, Re-Open The Folder And They're There Again. I've Tried Wiping The Files From The PC With No Sucess.


Does Anyone Have Any Suggestions Please ?

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Any suggestions? Don't download anything with a .exe or .zip file and open it without scanning it thoroughly for viruses first.


What you may have to do is boot into Sage Mode on your PC to delete the files. If you're on Win 2000 press F8 on boot up and it will give you the option from there.

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I think on all versions of Windows you use F8 for Safe Mode. The problem is that computers are getting so quick these days you don't always have the time to do that!


I don't think just going in in Safe Mode to delete files will be good enough. If deleting them any other way doesn't work I don't see how Safe Mode will. There is obviously a registry key in there which is doing the damage. I reckon the best bet is to run anti-virus software and then anti-spyware software. Ad-Aware from Lavasoft is spoken of very highly.


There are various options, the cheapest of which is Ad-Aware Personal and is free. You have to pay for the better products but it's still not extortionate.

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I've gone one better than that and don't bother with Windows. I use Linux -- Mandrake 10.1 on my desktop and SuSE 10 on my laptop, both of which are more secure than Windows and both of which come with a firewall built in. And, of course, as most viruses are MS Office macro viruses, neither gets his by those.


With a Windows system you really need your "belt & braces" approach though.

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