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Cllr Young comments on MFC development


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Just got a leaflet from District Councillor Charlie Young (Labour). It make a comment about the MFC redevelopment. It makes for interesting reading.


"The management of Margate FC have suggested a business plan to TDC for the commercial development of the stadium. This was to have a motor cycle training centre & to rebuild the pitch & turn it 90 degrees. All this when we thought the commercial application had been completed.

Oh, what a carry on!"


It seems there is to be a motor school in the new Hartsdown Park. Im really concerned though given that the whole area round Hartsdown Park is well known for its traffic problems. Im also hearing that a track is planned for the new ground. Anyone else hearing this?

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And i thought we got rid of Parmenter, what the hell is going on. We are going to lose support if this carries on i for one am close to saying stick it. If we didnt have CK and the players we have. I probabally would, id go to Charlton come on people make your minds up. We have had enough uncertanty.

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The work would take place during the season but Im sure they want the pitch and essentials sorted out by the start of next season, thus why they are getting the plans done now. Work can continue round the season and that it shouldnt impede on the football in theory. Groundsharing really isnt an option and KP did say that at the meeting. The league would not like it if we asked for a groundshare.


As for changing the plans at all and knocking down the clubhouse and what has always been the heart of MFC, if needs must basically. If the plans have to change for Margate to be able to progress then it has to be done, however much we may dislike it. Im not sure if new plans are really necessary though as the previous plans had plenty in there to attract people. But then again, Im not on the Board so I dont know the full reasons behind this.

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jkmaskell said:
I wont be able to answer that question till I see te plans. But from what Ive heard from various people including what Piper said at the MISA meeting, Im pretty sure itll have a harder time getting through Council.

Another year,another plan... How many changes is that now?
I have to say i cant help but admire the fans who have such faith in KP and the board but i can't help worrying they are being kicked in the teeth.

All the way thru plans seem to be based on dubious ideas. Casino's Hotels,Conference centres what about concentrating on a ground and a social club?
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1) where has the Motor cycle training Centre come from. It is a motor cycle test centre.

2) What was said was the TEST CENTRE would only hold one test per hour on a small tarmac area near the road.

3) The Govenment sponsored development plus the lesiure side could be fitted into the boundaries already agreed.

I suggest this Local councillor clarifies his information before going into print with what could possibly be misinformation. I don't think there is any thing in this post that wasn't stated at the meeting.

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Im sure a groundshare would be acceptable to the league as Wealdstone share at Northwood and Chelmsford were at Billericay until Dec 05. BUT I hope the club dismiss this idea out of hand if it was even an option. Also I hope they are 110% CERTAIN we wont see a f... up like an archaelogical dig if they do decide to flatten what we have now. We cannot afford to have no stadium come August.

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