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Coaches to Stockport


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I've had a call this morning asking if there will be a lads-only coach next Saturday. I assume one of the coaches will be for EFM members and associate members, and anyone who likes a laugh, only. I think this is a good idea because it stops the older people moaning, etc, etc.


Is this the case?


Could Colin Zeal give a list of those invited onto this coach, please?

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Very predictable. That was the plan when we went to Forest Green, but I seem to remember everyone chopping and changing. Don't you feel that it is better to contain the roudy element on one coach so that they have a better day out and the other people don't get upset when the singing starts.


I think we need a statement from those involved saying precisely what the situation will be.

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Zealster, looks like our messages got intertwined, I was replying to HelenC. Anyway, that looks like a decent list, but won't fill the coach, so I guess we'll have to tolerate some of the milder manners supporters on there. Better make sure there's an anorak stand and somewhere to put the flasks.


Do you know what the alcohol and drugs ruling will be? I would imagine alcohol will be permitted and class B and below. Your thoughts?

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with 4 coaches now going it looks like the slightly noisier element [CZ/TL/AFF/GHA/and co ] will be on their own and several others who have asked specifically to be on this on coach, it is a no drinking zone but we are stopping in Batford on the way to do some shopping at Viz mk111

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