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Thanks & Goodbye


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Sorry for the late post but the system wouldn’t accept my comments yesterday. I would like to thank everyone with whom the lads and I met on the day. We had a great day from being welcomed by your larger than life Irish clubhouse steward to verbal sparing with the Slough Town boys in the pub, club and ground. A special mention to those who indeed showed great sportsmanship by applauding us after the game it brought a lump to my throat.

Just two things spoilt the days experience, firstly one of Railways No1 supporters (Belly Boy) was taken ill after the game and ended up in hospital. He has since made a good recovery and ended living it up at the teams hotel. Second our mini-bus was vandalised in your car park and we had to travel back to Harrogate in Fog and Heavy rain with one windscreen wiper (That's our £150 deposit gone). I was assured that these actions were not typical of Slough Town’s true supporters and from what we experienced I do believe that. Apparently Slough have a history of attracting scum from other clubs who come just cause trouble. I hope you can eliminate these people and go on to achieve your ambitions both on and off the pitch.

Railway’s Yorkshire grit and constant work rate saw us through, it would be difficult to single out anyone player after a great team effort. We always thought we could come back after halftime knowing who was on the bench. Paul Marshall used them to perfection.

Hopefully we’ll progress further but we have already exceeded all expectations and every game is a massive bonus. Bristol City is a game beyond our dreams and will cause us headaches both on and off the pitch. But that’s the magic of the FA Cup.

I’ll now sign off as promised and leave your forum to you Rebels. AVE IT……..

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wavey.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wavey.gif" alt="" />

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Hi dave...real sorry to hear about your mini bus....


it was sad that this had to happen....but its not just confined to your supporters we have problems most weeks...it's a social problem these days...


Its not decent supporters..as you said ....


We had a great day except for the result !!!!!


and we are proud you did...you deserved it.....


Good luck in the next round and get to that third round !


To Slough Supporters get to Wexham Park tonight !


League cup V Ryman Premier Kingstonian .... kick off 7-45pm


Cheer the Rebels back to success....


Up the Rebels......


Cheers Chris Sliski

Slough Town Supporters Association

Hon.General Secretary.

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