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SL structure for next season

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another has had a really good guesstimate on his website as to what the county's 5 Step's will look like for next season - makes fascinating reading and will be interesting to see how close he gets.


To see click here -




In Tony's predictions for next season he has 22 new Southern League clubs coming in which means 22 existing clubs leaving! That's a whole third!


It's like the 'FA Admin' playing their own private snakes and ladders game with the Clubs, who don't get any say or control.


For a hundred years there was next to no Admin - teams applied for leagues, some were lucky, some were not - but once they got into a league that's where they stayed, even if they came bottom every year.


Now, we're totally the other way - teams have become bits of foam in a bed factory. Each summer there's an explosion and wherever the bits of foam land that's where they play - could be anywhere. It's enough to make some Clubs pack it in!


League's have become like flock's of starlings, moving geographically in clouds, their centre constantly changing.


I personally hate both extremes and would sooner see a lot more stability. Will it ever settle down or is this really what it's gonna be like every summer from now on?



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The FA Alliance Committee (who have decided that they are in charge) have reacted very angrily that there has been any speculation whatever on which League will have which club for next season.


They are absolutly furious that we have uttered a post on the subject until they have finished their game of snakes and ladders and announced the results (which are final).

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its a bloody joke,we(afc hornchurch) won the league a few weeks ago,have finished all of our league games and still haven't got a clue where we will be playing next season,i don't think they realise that certain clubs want to plan pre season etc etc,surely they could of sorted this all out weeks ago,if not months ago,just shows the incompitance of the football associations in this country,all they care about is the premier league and the football league(to a lesser extent)and the rest of us they don't care about,had this been the restructuring of the football league it would of been done 2 years in advance

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These people don't seem to realise that they are playing with peoples lives and their futures, they don't think anyone should be even interested in what they are doing.


True, it's not life or death, but it's a lot more serious than a game of snakes and ladders.


The reaction to impending decisions could made a lot of people very angry but that's no concern of there's - they're just doing a job they've been told to achieve in the shortest possible time and any comments are disrupting their progress.

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