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I am writing to congratulate drakie on his much deserved managers "player of the year" award. I never had any doubt drakie would be awarded this as he is an outstanding keeper who plays with a passion that can only be envied by other players and clubs around. Long may he stay at Windsor F.C. as they are a much better side with him in the team and it has been my honour and privilege to work with such a true professional. I hope that our relationship on and off the field continue long into the future.

Kev Mitch (former W&E g/keeper)

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Well said Mitch.

As you will appreciate particularly, a forward can make half a dozen ghastly hoofers every match, then one moment of skill or even luck will make him a hero, while a goalkeeper is normally only remembered for his mistakes.

When a team is in a bad streak and confidence is low, the keeper comes under even more pressure than the rest of the side. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but scapegoating never does any good and can only create more pressure.

Well done Drakey.


SiD <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/pipe.gif" alt="" />

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Drakie I voted for you in the supporters player of the year. My reasons for voting for you were you played every single game. You made some great saves, and you had to put up with those bad results due to our lack of defending.


The Goalkeeper alone is not the reason why games are lost. It is a team sport in which all 11 players should share in the blame.


Drakie It would be good if you would stay next season too. Chin up and here's to Saturday and next season.


We can all get together with the Maldon fans and sing "We going down with the Redbridge, Down with the Redbridge" <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />

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