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Good News About Elphick


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I think you're right about Chris Seeby, GHA, and I think that it's a 1+1 for Paul Bastock. [i hope he's still on the two shillings and sixpence for a clean sheet.]


Strangely I haven't seen anything 'Official' concerning Colin Lippiatt for next season. Let me re-phrase that. I haven't seen anything about Colin Lippiatt that's official, which I find strange.


The last public comment was in the article in the St Albans Observer when Ian Ridley was unanimously elected to the Board, and there was reference to Colin helping out on the commercial side next season. Since then, one or two people on here who appear to be well-connected have suggested that he will stay on for another season.


I imagine that things will be discussed with Scott Cousins once he is back to full fitness.

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'Thought', magic Coat? 'Assumption'?


I don't know about your thought or yours, or anyine else's assumption, but I think you will find that the facts are as presented in my last post just up above. I find it difficullt to believe that the various players have signed and committed their futures to The Mighty Saints without knowing who will be manager next season but then, I don't know anything about football.


That chap 'Rob2' posted something on here a few weeks ago to the effect that Colin will be staying on for another tilt at the F.A. Cup, and he seems to be well-connected. He knows a sight more about this sort of stuff than Webbo but then, who doesn't?

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He used to run the web-site before he sold-out to Canvey Island and then that chap Rob took over.


Famous for posting the great news that Richard Goddard had signed and committed his future to the Saints a week or so before t'lad signed for someone else. He used to come to the odd game at t'Park.

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