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Colin Zeal EFM


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Not yet....<p>The Canvey game on the 23rd is off due to their FA Trophy game. No-one else is available (well Hampton are but we can't play them 3 times!!)

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Apart from bringing the Kingstonian away game forward from Mar 23 to Feb 23(assuming Braintree dispose of North Ferriby in the Trophy replay tomorrow night), there is nothing else leaguewise left for that Saturday. However, there do appear to be a number of options to fix up a friendly.<p>Hayes, Boston United and Bath City all have free dates on Feb 23 and if Doncaster turn over Yeovil in the Trophy tomorrow night, both Barnet and Yeovil also become available. As well as this, dependent on the outcome of the Hereford/Hampton and Solihull/Chester Trophy games tomorrow night, either Hereford or Chester may also be free. It's not straightforward I agree but it would be great to get a Conference or even a Doc Martens side down the Park for that day. We really do not need any more blank Saturdays.<p>What are the chances, HBEE? Can we fix it? <p>


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