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Gods news for some(Infact all!)

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I'll introduce Super Daz for you shall I.


He's a main face in the S.E.F. you see. Bit of a boy down at Stonebridge Road. Does a bit of leasing with rival firms - you know arranging meets and that. Never leaves home without his distress flare, CS gas and SEF calling cards - takes it to another level altogether don't he?!?!


Quite discreet about his activities so he' bound to deny it. Treat him with a bit of respect cos he's a game lad, who's well up for aggro.





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mmm yes .. i think you'll find daz ..along with gazza from basilricay are quite possibly the most pinko, herb smoking, liberals the world has ever seen .. but if you are the stroker who has been dossing around on the G and N site then i'd be more than happy to re adjust your burberry scarf

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Your to modest Daz. It was only the other week that you was leading us through the Northfleet backstreets, to a well hidden boozer. A minute later and a distress flare being fired through the door and the unfortunate mob inside spilled out to receive a hammering on the forecourt. Thank you and good night gentlemen. Pleased you that you became so well acquainted with the SEF.


In all seriousness I think everyone know's that GNFC don't have a mob called the SEF, just invented to wind up the knobheads who fell for it.


And as for the Canvey fan who reckon's he's gonna wrap my Burberry (mine's a house check aquascutum actually) scarf around my head at Stonebridge Road. Well the way Fleet are going, then you may get the chance next season. Don't worry though old son, if your a genuine boy and that up for having it done then I'll sure well bump into each other.










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