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Doesn't life just really p*ss you off sometimes. This is officially the rant thread, inspired by me having a bad day. Here is a list of things that p*ssed me off today:


1. Being late for college having stayed up half the night revising

2. My tutor who's welsh, fat and boring.

3. Screwing up on exams

5. A bloke called John

6. Having no gloves in the cold

7. This thread.


Next week I'll do a more positive one!

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I was pissed off last night - Little mouthy shits.

I walked from my flat on my way to the abbey station, just 100yds from my flat was these 4 kids (16/17 yrs old) three of them were leaning against the bus stop shelter and one was standing by the road. I saw him staring at me and litrally as I was 3ft away he stepped into my path, so naturally I shoulder barged the little [censored] into the road, all of a sudden I had this [censored] twat running behind me going "come on you [****!!****]" "I'll have you" and so forth. I started walking backwards telling him to [censored] off and if he was on his own I'd batter him (didn't have time, had a train to catch) in the end he saw I wasn't taking the bait and walked off. Anyway I got to the Abbey Station and missed the train by about 30 seconds, this twat had put my night back by a hour (next train was a hour) I was livid I called my flatmate and told him to go and see if these kids were still there, he said they were so I steamed back up the hill to have it out with them. I got back to the bus stop there was about 6 kids there now and the police - I walked up and said "which one of you [****!!****] tried to start on me" and these 3 kids were saying not us, these kids tryed to start on us and pointed to the [censored] who was sitting in the back of the police car. These kids were just trying to start on anyone who walked past on their own. So I stared this kid out in the back of the police car and he was getting angry, I then started smiling at him and he was just looking and then I started laughing at him and he burst out crying.


That whole episode really pissed me off, not just the fact that I missed my train but if I'd taken the bait and got into a scuffle with him his mates would of been over and I wouldn't of stood a chance, it pissed me off that I was 100yds from my flat and I don't expect that [censored] outside my own front door, it pissed me off that these kids were hell bent on giving someone a kicking but they were such wimps that they cryed when put in the police car. Thats the problem with the streets these days everyones a hard man when they outnumber you 4 to 1.


Rant over, it's still winding me up though. I have more pressing problems now like a stinking hangover and I've actually been busy since 7am hence my lack of activity on here today.



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Police just rang, apparently these kids were on a rampage smashing things and kicking off, they are still in custody.

Hangings too good for them. These sound like the kind of kids that may enjoy smashing up a football ground. I may put that to the bill later when I make my statement as i'm sure they won't make the connection.

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