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New !! MFC T-shirts available in Club Shop.


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[color:"blue"] Sorry to blow my own trumpet - but there are some new MFC t-shirts available in the Club shop (have a look on Tuesday). I have designed a few myself, the others show some of Don's super photo's. An ideal Christmas pressie for yourself.


There are two samples in the shop & any bought on Tuesday will be ready to be picked up on the following Saturday.


Here's a copy of the 11 designs to date (may take a long time to load)



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[color:"purple"]Frankie100 said:
If there are T shirts going with Mr Skinner on I'm a buyer.

I have every confidence in the chap and will support him all the way. (Nothing of a sexual nature boys before ANY of you say a word)

[color:"blue"]Are you sure about that Frankie? Notice that you're also a supporter of Ryan - do you have 'a thing' about shortish blonde males? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

... sorry couldn't resist.

BTW If anyone wants a Shirt for Tuesday night, send me a PM & I'll make one up for you. (ALL PROFITS go to the Club - I supply them for cost)
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You too Alan, Maybe you're both spot on but

"I dont care. I dont care. I dont care if they come round here".(to take me away)

"I got my team & they're playing well.

I dont care if they come round here"...

(just so long as they let me out on matchdays)

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