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Good assessment...

Coffin Ender

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...from Ryman forum by Alan Ainsworth on who will win the league.


"Until teams start getting their fingers out and showing some consistency, I wouldn't want to have a bet at this stage. 7-2 Chelmo, 4 Margate, 4 Swifts, 9-2 Bromley, 9-2 Wombles, 12 Ramsgate, 12 Horsham, 20 Tonbridge, 25 Ricay.

Heybridge will get to 80 points and will be in the top three at the end of April - they're the one high-quality all-round team playing to their players' strengths at the minute and that won't change.

Chelmsford need to realise that the gear lever can be kind of moved up and to the right a bit - you don't have to stay in second all the time and you ain't going to win this if you do.

Margate seem reliant on a few key individuals...and still have the odd mare when those key men are playing. Great result for everyone else last night, as the pack doesn't want them slipping clear.

Bromley simply cannot win the title unless they go on a spending spree. Having see their last two games, I quite seriously wouldn't take 16-1 and I'd make it 4-7 Swifts and 4-1 Bromley for Saturday. I may even make the 3-day trek by packmule to the village to see BFC half-heartedly switch formations and lose again.

Wombles really do need to get things together quickly and there isn't much sign of them doing so.

Ramsgate? Ouch! Wish 'em well, play to their strengths but if some of the moneybags clubs can't get more points than them over 42 games, a lot of coaches should be sacked.

Horsham are fantastic to watch but are about to be rendered totally strikerless and will come down at Xmas. Sad but true.

The learning curve's too steep for Tonbridge at the moment, though they will learn to cope with the fitter and faster teams as the campaign wears on.

Ricay not wholly without a chance. Hampton are. Haven't seen Woods since pre-season, so can't judge. Staines look very nice but lightweight.

If your team was a horse and this was a race, you'd tell your jockey to track Heybridge if you had any sense."

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