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What is the point?

A new manager would take 6-9 months to decide who he/she wants to keep or get rid of and the whole cycle of recruit/play/let go starts ALL OVER AGAIN. And we're STILL in Div 1.


I accept that SB is in himself a nice guy, probably a decent coach, but lacks managerial skills.

Get rid of him? Who takes his place?? Nobody at the club at the moment is capable.

Bring back McDermot, I say, but obviously I am living in cookoo land as he would never come back now.


Hope for a miracle!

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Well considering we have little to no hope of going up this season, where's the problem in getting rid of him now (and half the overpaid squad) so the new manager can have a squad that is not only financially affordable, but capable of rolling up their sleeves and fighting tooth and nail for every ball, every game.


Tony Choules of Northwood would be my first choice by a mile if we could replace Browne, either that or bring back Paul Hardyman.

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Tony Choules of Northwood would be my first choice by a mile if we could replace Browne, either that or bring back Paul Hardyman.


Great motivators and good blokes all round, but would either come to work with Deaner???? Definitely not Hardyman..... hes a victim of this shower, one of their first disgrace decisons, And surely Choules must have heard the nonleage grapevine.


All this comes back to Deaners door in the end.

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Does anyone think that M Deaner is a clone of the owner of Harrods, ( can't spell his name!!) in so far that both only invested in a football club in order to make a financial killing through property development a few years after buying the club?

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I'm not sure I can even be bothered to discuss Browne anymore. The chances of him doing a Keegan and admitting that he hasn't got the tactics for the job are minimal. We're stuck with the git until the consortium pack up their bags and put us out of our miserable existence.

The game today was silly in many respects, not least the fact that the Wealdstone players spent more time on the ground soaking up the January sunshine than the ball was actually in play. Our players clearly felt the pressure out there, that can be the only excuse for Tony Boot's terrible miss, though Michael Owen did worse today. Sammy can't buy a goal at the minute and Gilkes made no impression until he was subbed and threw a mini barney. Dave Rainford looked poor but he was out of position. That Deano Palmer is fit to play just makes the case for getting Browne out even greater.

I know its beyond the control of Slough Town but we've never looked the same team since we lost Veli. We we never a one man team but he was certainly our creative pulse. Looks like he'll never have to leave Slough though because I'll be surprised if we ever make it back to the Conference unless there are some major changes in the way the club is run.

I stood up for Browne a few weeks ago saying that it wouldn't be worth getting rid of him while we still had a sniff of promotion. Now its gone (lets face it 7 points off a promotion spot with the Stones having played one less) he should be too. He led us to relegation and now has screwed up his second attempt to get us back in the Premier.


Isn't life peachy?

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