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Says It All Really....


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So so true....why was dean palmer not even in the starting line up / Dave Rainford had a stinker ......


Yes We need a change....


But I am going to stick my neck out and be a pesimist for once....


Our team on paper should be doing it for us and Slough, and we are not out of the race yet !!!!!


Wealdstone were not as good as Northwood ...by a long way ! and we need to start picking points up...YES....


Our team by now should be ignoring , and start playing with passion and grit and determination - just as they showed in the second half today......


Its not over until ........we can not get enough points !!!!



Plenty of games and results.....we must trust our team

to ge <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />t them......


Up the Rebels......


Chris Sliski



<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />


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a sensible voice amidst mass panic....keep cool fatboys....we f*****d up today and lost a little ground on the two above us...but everyone below us f*****d up as well........shame...bless 'em.....long way to go....'ere...wheres the rabbit...'es gorn quiet innne.....

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Yeah, he must go, the majority of us behind the goal have been saying this since the clown got us relegated.


My main problem with you Uncle Urchin, is that you don't have to watch us week in week out and you always support Steve Browne. Perhaps that is because your afraid a decent manager could get us promoted but if it is an hinest opinion I'd rather you kept it to yourself.


I heard part of Browne team talk today. It went along the lines of "what the f### is going on, look at their fffing free kicks why can't we take fffing free kicks like that, fffing decision making is wrong." There is managerial genius for you. The fans had been shouting that since the 10th minute. That pillock just sat on his [****!!****] for the full 90 minutes.


The players were better in the second half, but they lack confidence and are tactically misguided.


Least they we're clapped off this week. But every game must now end with calls for Browne to go, regardless of the result or the performance. We have picked up just 9 points from a possible 27 against the teams above us. He is clueless.


If we keep at him, surely he will have to quit eventually, how thick skinned and insensitive to the fans wishes can one man be.



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I'm with you Martin. I never understood how he justified his return after the relegation, when he said he wouldn't be returning. He turned up the next season saying how many people wanted him to stay on---well whoever he spoke to it wasn't the fans. There are exeptions, but I'd estimate that about 80-90% want him out.


When he stayed on, he said it was to return some pride to the club. I cannot see how our steady fall down the division should give us anything to be proud about.



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With the exception of Northwood I've not seen any team this season that I've thought were that good. Certainly not Wealdstone yesterday. The players on the books at Slough should, with proper direction and motivation, be beating these teams on a more regular basis than we are. If the individual players are good enough, which I strongly believe they are, then you have to lay the blame at the person or people in charge.


Steve Browne has to take full responsibility for their failings. Being able to attract good players is pointless if you cannot make them play. We just end up with an unsustainable wage bill and have to watch abject performances like the first half yesterday. If we're going to fail we could do it far more cheaply than we are now. With proper organisation and motivation this group of players could walk this division. Unfortunately, they're the two things that we're lacking at present.


If there were signs that Steve Browne could get it right given time then he should be allowed that time. If anyone can tell me what those signs are though I'd be interested to know because I cannot see any.

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you'd be surprised young martin how many times i have seen you play this season. As for browne owl, i dont rate him at all but whats the point of changing managers half way through the season...we're not playing well at the moment with all these draws....we also don't look like geting beaten either and our manager will sort it out....whats the point of blaming marsden...he's not missing the chances is he...the bloody strikers are....i think that browne is out of his depth but changing him now wont sort it out....the team must take the responsibility....there you are.....now can I go back to uncle mode...its much more fun....'ere...wassallthisthen...cheer up...its sundi innnit...ha ha

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