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Met him !


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Yes this very morning I met the renowned Ian Sanderson.Knowing now just who he is it allows me to make allowances for his blindfolded opinions of local teams.Didn't realise it until today that he is the same Ian Sanderson who used to be a fellow referee of mine in the past.Nice to meet you Ian again.Am still not happy with your one way opinions,however I can now respect them more for knowing who they come from. Not a lot,well very little in fact,but just a smidgeon more. Shame that you havent managed to get to more than 2 games this season(as you mentioned).

Hope your problems aren't too permanent.

Don't get me wrong I am sure he & I will still be at loggerheads occasionally. Now I can see how he had an advantage over me. He KNEW who he was talking to whereas I didn't.

Anyway it just goes to show that by knowing who it is that is posting makes a difference. In this case(excuse me for this Ian) I don't think MUCH will change but it definately will in a very very small way.

He had said that I would probably mention this to you & I am duly obliging.

Another face for my collection. Not the best looking face but still another face! l.o.l.

I hope my slight adjustment here dosen't put others off from retaliating to his posts in the same way as they have done in the past. I am sure it wont! Carry on folks!

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Lloydy_T said:
that's a very bold statement to make, have you got anyone to back you up on that fact? Lol!

I can vouch for Bitch's chest, well in my dreams <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
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Rollocks to you Gringo! You were trying to say that every ref was an old fogie like me. Not true! But none are as good looking, or as fit,you got to admit to that Gringo!

Thanks Danny you even got my bird ("In dreams")sorry wrong thread,at it now. As for your chest Bitch..no cement,oops I meant no comment..........or did I?

All above include a L.O.L.

p.s. Looks like were all dreaming then Alan!

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