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Deacon is promosing spots Badger Malone


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Gotta say you lot know sweet FA about football really, you never say anything interesting you bore me. but..... if one of you were to post something like wat i am going to do then it'd b interesting. Now youth is what we need, we r lacking the passion we had early on this season. Greg Deacon is whatwe need. Dont waste money buying anyone snap this kid up on 50 quid a week as he is a real talent. He has everything, great touch a natural footballing braing scores goals, gives assists and more importantly gets stuck in! Gerah Gerah Badger! thats wat we nned! he looked so comfortable on the ball against berko and it was just such a shame he slipped for the third goal. if you ask me hes not one for the future, he should be included NOW!

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Gerag Gerah





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