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New Replica Home Kits Now on Sale

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With many supporters probably making there first visit to New Lodge in 2003 on Saturday when we take on Hayes you may not be aware that we have now in stock the new replica Home Kit.


If this is you first visit you will not have seen the new kit which was worn at Sutton for the first time last Saturday.


The Replica Home Shirts are now on sale in The Club Shop priced as follows for Members.


Youth & Boys - £22


Small - £25


Medium, Large & XL - £30


So bring you cash down to the ground on Saturday so not to miss out on purchasing one of our new shirts.

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At Man U when you buy a shirt you are pouring money into a corporate giant. They don't care whether or not you buy a shirt as to them you are just an insignificant part of the mass market.


At Billericay when you buy a shirt you know that the money will go (via the BTSA) towards helping the club a) Survive and hopefully B) Progress


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Just a thought re comment earlier about £35.....If the club introduced a scheme for ie Students/OAP/Unemployed whereby those in that category (proof required) had a "supermarket" offer ie buy 3 games get one 1/2 price (season ticket excluded)....As like any offer the catch could be that the 1/2 price offer applies to games where we generally would not get a large gate ie teams like Enfield/Ford (no disrepect) - Or midweek games....Then the club would benefit with extra attendance and those in above category would benefit with reduced admission....

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Think you'll find that league rules won't allow you. Their is a minimum charge for Ryman Premier games which is the £7 we currently charge. Our mid-week attendances have suffered badly due to live football and bad weather, so maybe the club needs to work on a formula to entice people from thier arm-chairs for a mid-week game. Maybe from 6 o'clock to kick-off the bar could be half price. Just an idea.

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i think that the half price bar is a good idea but will it really bring in extra fans. i think that ricay need to get in the local schools to find the support there are loads of young footy fans out there who will come to the games. This might even find us some great young players who can join the club when they do leave school.

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Tend to agree with Ryan there.


Not sure a cheap bar would bring in more fans, just encourage those of us who like a pint to have a few more (not saying that's a bad thing tho <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> )


Publicity via schools etc is something we've done in the past and will do in the future under thet TJ's scheme - we have one of the most popular young supporter's clubs around with a large number of members.


The league fixtures havn't been kind to us this season with few home saturday's, and only a couple of saturdays games in all competitions which would be attractive to a floating fan.


We have got some good fixtures coming up: Former conference opposition on saturday followed by title chasing stalebuns - hopefully some good performances in those two games will see crowds increase.


The players have shown good spirit in recent games so if the supporters can do likewise then the second half of the season could be much better than the first!

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