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MOTM v Sutton  

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For the second time in our long and happy relationship, JKiF, you and I have a different view of an issue.


There was a strength of feeling from a number of different people in different sections of the clubhouse last night that the catering and the bar franchises at Clarence Park aren't up to scratch. Various different comments were put forward including, but not exclusively by any means, the absence of chips.


Criticism of the catering arrangements was made at the Supporters Club AGM in May and the concerns of the Supporters were carried by Ian Rogers to the next Board Meeting.


Last night, until he realised the error of his approach, Gibbo tried to laugh off these complaints in just the fashion that you have in your post here, which is patronising and does neither of you any credit. The response that he received when he brought the matter up again at the beginning of the second half got its just desserts. To his credit, then, he appeared to recognise that this is a matter to which the the Board should give proper consideration.


Of course Conference Nationale survival is of top priority, but firstly, The Chairman and the Board should give cosideration to the complaints of the paying customers, and secondly, he was the one banging on about commercial considerations and he should take a close look at the use of the bar if he is expecting any serious level of income from that direction next season.


[And Chris Piper was rubbish that night at The Woood.]

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Don't really get it do you, myself, I go to football always have done always will.

I'm sorry if i dont feel that strongly that certain people in this day and age can't eat properly at a football match but thats my opinion.

As an more important issue, good to see the bloke that you thought shouldn't be picked is hopefully staying till the end of the season.


Have a good 'un

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Who dat den? Hakim?


I may have missed something as I was at the back, but when the question of Hakim was raised, the respone was limited to, firstly criticisms of the actions of the F.A., two Officials from Weymouth, and the player from both Gibbo and Colin Lippiatt. The manager stated that the defeat at Stortford was nothing top do with Hakim's selection.


As far as I recall, there was no reference to the current position of t'lad, what is to be done about it/him, nor whether he will be with us through January, let alone until the end of the season.


Did I miss something?


And a very merry Christmas, a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year from me to you, mate.


[it was 1998. And Chris Piper was rubbish that night.]

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thats absolute rubbish,

never has a sides attendances increased beacuase they have got a new fat fryer in.

A winning team playing attractive football on the other hand ...or was last seasons attendace increase due to some michelin starred tarte anglaise on special offer.

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I don't think that Don the Dog is expecting a visit from Egon Ronay, JKiF.


The point is this. You may have no interest in the catering or the ckubhouse at t'Park. In a private capacity, Gibbo may not either. However, he is the Chairman of the football club and he should listen when the paying customers take a rare opportunity to voice their grievances over any issue, chips, clubhouses or the habit of certain players to take the ball to the corner flag. That goes with the territory.


In order to sustain Conference Nationale football, or indeed any level of Non League football, the club needs to rely upon income beyond that from gate receipts. Beyond income, the club needs help in the form of volunteer labour of a variety of different abilities. In your enthusiasm to make a point, you are, once again, being a tiramisu unfair. A new fat fryer is one thing, tarte anglais is another. The point made by Rob and Hatboy is that these things could be viewed as a symptom rather than an isolated issue.


I'm really glad that you raised this point.

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I go to CP to watch football, I do not care about the catering but am pleased to hear it pays its way and contributes to the club budget. I do not use the bar and have not for years.


When encouraging people to start watching City they always ask about the standard of football & admission charges, never the availability of chips.


If I complained that the football club did not provide me with a 'Hot Tub' to watch the game in and cheer leaders at half time will the club automatically provide them?

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For the love of Jesus!


No, no and thrice NO. You can't sit in a hot tub with, or without a cheerleader, Wilf at Clarence Park. What you do in the privacy of your own home is your affair, of course.


Just tell me this. Were you at the fans Forum, Wilf?


And my compliments of the season to you too, Wilf.

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YOU WEREN'T AT THE FANS FORUM? You useless lump of no good errr...


What's that? You agree with me? Good man Zealster!!


And a very happy Christmas to you and t'family, mate. Maybe you could get to a game befor the end of the season, Zeal?

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I was at the forum last night and I heard that there may be announcements about a new ground site in 3-6 months, there is a better relationship between club & council, that new signings are likely in January, that Paul Bastock can kick, Cl's views on late substitutions, a new lottery that fans can sign up to and which will benefit the club financially, the players morale after losing cup games to lower placed clubs, Walshe's departure, I heard one person congratulate the club on the football & entertainment it provided which was applauded by most people there. I also heard there was an issue over chips but was not interested in that.


I would like to think that those peoples views will be considered in due course but if the conclusion remains no chips I will still support the saints.


I went to listen to the footballing issues and concentrated on that.


Who else is signing up for the lottery?

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haha quality

the point is , and this is really the only point, you go to a football ground to watch a football game

you go to a restaurant to eat food

simple really, everything else is secondary.


All about priorities. you can have the best facilities in the world not much use if you playing conference south football is it.

Glad you lot arent in charge of the playing budget or have any responsiblity on the playing side either.

Sorry Col got a big order on garlic bread here, that center-half will have to wait....


gotta keep the punters happy, whats that Elliot Star away next week? good, the burgers there are superb...what crowds do they get?...how many flags have they got?...real ale in the clubhouse?


chin chin toodle pip


<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />



wilf ,

just to add couldnt agree more


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Having carefully considered the various points made here, the pros and the cons, the whys and the wherefores, I have changed my view. You are absolutely right JKif.


Next time, we can ask Gibbo to expand upon his views that the habit of players taking the ball to the corner flag twenty minutes or so before the final whistle is not terribly attractive.


And it should be made clear that any question about any other element of St Albans City F.C. beyond what takes place on the pitch shall be disregarded intially, and if the time-waster persists, he or she shall be asked to leave the premises and escorted out of the ground by Security staff and banned sine die.


Further, discussion shall be limited to positive issues. There must be no debate concerning the Paul Hakim affair unless it is to come up with further invective directed against the F.A., or the Officials at Weymouth FC, and there shall be nothing but praise for the efforts of the Manager and his team. Substitutes and substitutions shall not be mentioned unless the substitute scores a goal or prevents the opposition scoring one. There must be no reference to any gamme in which we secure less than three points.


Fans like that we can do without.


Chips? Bah, Humbug!


And when the attendance slips down to two, you and Wilf will say "Thank goodness we got rid of that rabble, mate. When is Scott Cousins coming back?".

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