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A very important day tomorrow

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Both for Fleet and my 'other' club Huddersfield Town.


Putting it simply, The Fleet must win against Stevenage. Once we're down with the 'dead men', every game becomes a cup final. The recovery has start tomorrow.


As for the Terriers, increasingly, tomorrows game is becoming immaterial compared to the off-field problems at the club. This week two directors resigned because they couldn't agree on management situation. Mick Wadsworth apparently met the club chairman on Tuesday evening and was sacked. BUT the decision was reversed cos' we can't afford to pay him off.


It's going to interesting tomorrow and no mistake. They'll be 2,000 Cardiff fans, no doubt rubbing salt in the wounds and our crowd (who have been very patient) up for a battle. It could all end in tears!


Good Luck to The Fleet - Cmon You Reeeeeeeds


BB <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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If you think Huddersfield will suffer TNS of league of Wales have got Cardiff City in the FA Welsh Cup on the 28th Jan, i was at TNS last Friday nights game before travelling to Hereford and the whole village only has a population of 1200 still they had a crowd of 780 last Friday, the ground holds about 2000 so that should be an interesting night, TNS should cope as they are a full time professional club and play in Europe on a regular basis. Good luck to Huddersfield hope you sort out your problems.

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The Fleet must win against Stevenage


BB - I hope you are right, but it games like these that we have badly let ourselves down in this season.


We still have all three teams below us to play.. So its all to play for, but we can't afford anymore mistakes against them. ( we have lost to all 3 of them first time round )


Good luck tomorrow against the boys form the valleys, hopefully next season we will be facing their foes from swansea.



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The problem is every team has to find their level, build on it and develop from there.


Hopefully our level is in the conference.

Unfortunately Huddersfield seem to be in freefall.


Seems strange to think that last season there was a 3 division gap between the two sides,

yet next season there could be only one.


Mind you, to look at McAlpine Stadium then we are still several levels behind.

Still a ground fit for the premiership hosting a team in division 3? That would be a travesty.

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Cheers everybody. Thanks for the encouragement.


When Fleet were 'up there' in the Conference early in the season I also started to imagine playing each other in the same league next season - Now that would be incredible. A wish of a lifetime for me. Obviously I hope this eventually happens without the Terriers being relegated.


Cmon Fleet Today - Start the revival!




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