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Saw this on the Aldershot site..


Very interesting reading on the back page of today's Daily Mail - according to the paper Graham Westley is expected to take over as Stevenage Manager (tommorrow) taking most of the current farnboro players with him. Also states he will leave his wife in charge (to oversee departure of players !)


I was under the impression that Westley owned Farnborough as well as managed them. Can he do this??



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Farnborough Town has announced the end of an era following the departure of Graham Westley. Speculation has been rife for months that Westley would be leaving the club to concentrate solely on football management duties as he seeks to rise up the managerial ladder.

Several players and many of the backroom team are expected to follow their manager out of Cherrywood Road with there being strong suggestions that Westley will be appointed to manage Stevenage Borough into the Football League.

Graham Westley joined the club in 1999 when it was facing closure with huge six figure debts and won the Ryman League Cup 2000, Ryman League Championship 2001, Ryman Charity Shield 2001 and BBC Non League Team 2002 before guiding the club to its most glorious hour this last weekend at Highbury in the FA Cup 4th round. It is hoped that the club will finally be able to clear its debts when receipts from the 4th round are finalised and the club is in the FA Trophy 4th round and well poised to attack this season's play off places as he departs.

Graham Westley made this statement ;

'I've enjoyed my time at Farnborough but I feel that I need to move on now and that I need to concentrate on football management which is where my ambitions lie. Doing two jobs is unrealistic at this level and above. Especially when you run another business too. I've invested much of my life into my dual role at the club in the last three and a half years and I hope that the successes which have come about have made the fans happy and have earned me some respect. When I arrived in 1999, the club was on its knees.

As I depart, I believe that the club is in fantastic condition relative to the starting point. It has won things, enjoyed the highs of the Cup 4th round, should finally be close to being debt and liability free and has a great chance of pushing for the play offs. With a strong local leader, it may even be able to convert the current board's spadework into a new ground in the next few years.

As soon as it is practicable, unless a better solution emerges for the club, it is currently my intention to gift the shares that I own to the other existing shareholders (the club's fans) and leave the club to build on the foundations which have been laid. I hope that everybody will be able to recognise the footballing goodwill in this'.

Vince Williams, currently the Football Secretary has agreed to act as interim General Manager although he is said to be considering his own long term future. He commented, “This is a sad day for the club, I for one, appreciate the efforts and success that GW has brought to the club. I believe that Graham is leaving the club in a most honourable way, the club is in a much healthier state following his leadership”.

Westley’s final words were directed towards Williams.

“Many reporters wrongly damned Vince after I explained the weaknesses in our infrastructure and in his experience in relation to the Arsenal game. But let me leave nobody in any doubt; he has been a fantastic servant to me. His hard work, professionalism and flexibility have been vital ingredients and I wouldn’t hesitate to employ him again”.



FTFC Press Release

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