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midweek coaches?


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i think tonite is an ideal oppertunity to run one.. it dosen't have to leave till 5.45 pm leaving people time to get in from work and make it.. also a lot of city types could get to stortford direct then take the coach home.. i'd happily pay full fare for that.. beats driving n not getting pissed!! this could work for a few london midweek games..

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Totally agree. Because I can't drive, I couldn't make the match tonight. Unless a coach is run I can't get to midweek away games.


For tonight's match a coach could have left about 5.30 allowing people to get home from work and catch the coach in time.


As Canv mentioned above many people like a few pints at football but can't if they are driving.


I seem to remember we ran a coach for a couple of the midweek matches last season (Bedford? and definitely Gravesend which was a huge success)


With a key midweek game against Hendon coming up perhaps we could run a coach for that one?



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I bet that was a real trek, you probably didn't get home till the early hours!


I did get the train down to Daggers when we played them in the ESC final a couple of seasons ago but it is easier said than done.


For example if the Heybridge game had been on a Tuesday night and a coach wasn't running, it would be very difficult to get down there.

The nearest railway station is in Witham and OK you could get a taxi but they cost a 'bomb' these days.


Not all the teams in the Ryman League are accessible by public transport. Try getting to somewhere like Great Wakering Rovers or Purfleet by bus or train. They're in the middle of nowhere!

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D.V I've attached a map of Grays town centre with this post.

It isn't a great map but the rail station is clearly marked and the football ground is in the top right hand corner between Grange Road and Bridge Road.

I imagine from the station it's only a fifteen minute walk.


Hope that helps you out!

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