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Chris Giles

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Firstly how is bad is the injury he suffered last night? Does anyone know how long he'll be out for.


Secondly does anyone know if Andy plans to make his deal permanent. I would personally try to do so as he seems an excellent player who fits well in to our system of play. His versitility could also be useful if we have another injury and suspension list as large as the one we had a few months ago.


Finally has anyone got any idea whether

a) yeovil would actually sell him and

B) in what sort of region this fee would be and whether we could afford it?

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from the performances i have seen of giles i wouldnt be against putting the money we have raised into buying him,he seems a quality and commited player(and as has been pointed out to me on SEVERAL occasions by yunggravesendian he kissed the badge on his shirt when he scored against margit although the goal was disallowed and after the win on saturday he was going up to all of the fleet players and hugging them,he seems a keen fleet player).

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Browsing the yeovil forum, they were talking about our program being priced differently for away fans. I put the record straight about us being charged the same now. Anyway to get to the point while i was there i asked about the Chris Giles situation, whether he would play if they go up etc. i got the following reply


'From the Yeovil perspective however I suspect Gilesy is now on the margins of Gary Johnson's thoughts, whether we get promotion or not. He seems to have pretty much made up his mind that he won't make the grade as a striker in our team. My guess is that he'll take a look near the end of the season as to how he's got on with a number of starts under his belt, which he wasn't getting with us; and whether he's adapting as a defender. If I had to put money on it I'd say he'll let him go - unless of course he reads too many glowing references from Gravesend fans :-)!

Won't be too popular with some Yeovil fans because Gilesy is a favoured local boy who has come up through the ranks, but there's not much room for sentiment in football.'


Admittedly its only one fans perspective on the matter but it sounds promising for us if Andy wanted to sign him.


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This is an e-mail that I got from Hoagy who runs Confguide and is a Yeovil Fan:


My feeling is that we'd let Giles go. I can't see him featuring much next season whether we go up or not. I've heard nothing direct from the club, but I reckon they'd listen to ideas of a more permanent transfer.





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