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Thursday's Drinking Itinery

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I've been in since 7.45 this morning, the woman in my office is driving me nuts, and I've decided I'm entitled to one of CANV's two-hour lunch-breaks.


So it's to The Crown for a meal (sorry, SSL!) and a bottle of medium white and lunchtime, then going for a few pints straight after work with my Dad in Webbo's local (mind you, haven't seen him in there for a while)


Then I may get stuck in to that foul bottle of Laphraiog Single Malt I've got lying around at home.


Can't believe it's still only 9.45 frown.gif


It's gonna be a long morning.



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very much so.. i try not to plan any further ahead than the same day.. working up here though means there are always people around who are up for beers thursday being traditionally the 'big one'.. get out of that small town job and get up into towm..er i mean get out of the city and get into the city..er you know what i mean

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Yeah, Thursday always used to me my big going-out and drinking night. Get into work an hour late on the Friday with a stinking hangover. Do it all over again in the evening.


Ah! Those were the days. Mind you, I'm going back to when I was about 17 which is 11 years ago now. Frightening!


Well, I've volunteered to cook tonight now. So that'll be my speciality; Lasagne, and a cheapo box of wine from Safeway.


Anything good on the box tonight??



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Mind you, Thornsy aside, it's bloody difficult to get any of my mates out for a good drinking session during the week. frown.gif

Do you remember what happened when we had a few drinks at a Tottenham friendly a few years back, Zealster? And you wonder why no one wants to have a drink.
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